Frequently Asked Questions

Who can buy charts from
AirNavCharts sells aeronautical charts to chart retailers and to the public. As a retailer, you must register with AirNavCharts so we can provide the FAA your shipping information for direct delivery and establish you as a sales outlet. If you are a student or pilot please call us at (253) 848-2020 to place your order.

Which charts can I order online?
You will have access to all charts the FAA sells online at which include Sectional and Terminal Charts, Low and High Altitude Enroute Charts, Terminal Procedures (loose and bound), World Aeronautical Charts, Airport Facility Directories, Helicopter Route Charts, digital products, chart supplements, planning charts, and other miscellaneous chart products.

Why should I become a sales outlet?
We offer all of our customers a 40% discount on FAA chart prices. However, once you register, we can establish you as a sales outlet and shipments are made directly from the FAA’s printing facilities to your location. In addition, you can take advantage of our user-friendly online ordering system that allows you to create and edit one-time or standing orders, order current or future publications, and more. Overall, becoming a sales outlet makes the process more efficient as it expedites the order and cuts back on shipping time.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
If you are a first-time customer, we have to establish you as a sales outlet with the FAA first. In emergency situations, we can ask the FAA to expedite the process which reduces the processing time from two days to same-day processing. Once you are an established sales outlet, we submit your order to the FAA the same day we receive it. Shipping from the FAA takes an average of one week although you have the option to expedite shipping.

What are your terms of payment?
Before your order is submitted to the FAA, one of our team members will call you to obtain your debit/credit card information. As soon as your order ships, your card will be charged. Unfortunately, we cannot extend credit.

Does AirNavCharts have a physical retail location?
Yes. AirNavCharts is an affiliate of SpanaFlight, an FBO based at Thun Field in Puyallup, Washington. Charts and various other pilot supplies are available for sale onsite or you can call us at (253) 848-2020 for additional ordering information.

What is your privacy policy?
At AirNavCharts, we take your privacy seriously. Your registration information is used by the FAA for shipping purposes but it is never sold to another party and is only used for its intended purpose. Your payment information is kept strictly confidential.